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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cool NEW Product! Church History Timeline Banner!!!

I have produced a HUGE banner of Catholic Church History. It is 5ft X 17ft. That is HUGE! Why would I want such a thing? The only reason you ask that question is because you have yet to see it.

I have it officially advertised here: catholictimelinebanner

So here is my schpeal, my talk, so to speak

What happens when you requestion the high school students to
"go stand in front of it."

How can you visibly represent that the Catholic Church is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic? A Catholic History Timeline Banner - that is how.
  • It is neatly divided into 13 sections for easy memorization of major time periods. 
  • It has all the major characters from every age and is appropriate to follow along with any Church history text. 
  • One of the problems with studying History is that you get lost in the details and forget the big picture. This is your solution to that problem. 
  • Each century includes an inspirational quote from someone from that time period.
  • Big beautiful pictures attract the eye from afar beckoning you to come closer and immerse yourself in the story of the Body of Christ; the Church. 
    Students actually looking at it.
So check out the website, give me a call, if you are local or afar we will make arrangements to get a better look at it. Then consider getting one for your home, school, church, library, or seminary. It is guaranteed to attract attention.

God love you.

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