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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bible Names - Part 1

There is a saying that the New Testament is hidden in the Old Testament, and that the Old Testament is revealed in the New Testament.

As we read the Bible we see that some of the people in the Old Testament have the same name as someone in the New Testament. A few times, there are parallels between the two people. A great example of this is Joshua and Jesus. Joshua is the Hebrew name for Jesus. Jesus is the Greek name for Joshua.

Just as Joshua lead the people of Israel through the waters of the Jordan and into the Promised Land; We see Jesus going out into the wilderness passing through the waters of the Jordan (in his Baptism) and entering ultimately into the New Promised land of Heaven.

Joseph in the Old Testament share the same name as Joseph in the New Testament and they as well have many similar experiences. Both bring their families into Egypt for safety. Both are given divine revelation through dreams. Both are chaste, and both are righteous. Finally, they both had fathers named Jacob.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Goal of Bible Tidbits

Bible Tidbits can best be described as stars in the night sky of the Bible. I am not suggesting that the Bible is dark, but vast and mysterious.

An objector might say, "Hey, it is nothing of the sort! I find it repetitive, outdated, and filled with the stories and prayers of an ancient people."

On the surface, it may seem this way, but add a little faith and a lot of study and your eyes are opened to see that it is as I said; vast and mysterious. You begin questioning the objections of your objector. Why is it repetitious? If it is outdated, then why do so many people read it and get something out of it? Why are THESE stories in the Bible and not others? Does God listen to the prayers written in the Bible?

So what is a Bible Tidbit? It is a piece of information found in the Bible or about the Bible that you may not normally see, but draws you closer to the Bible and faith in God. When you have seen enough of these Biblical stars you realize that they paint a picture ( a constellation so to speak ), and that they are signs that all lead you to the same place: Heaven and the face of God.

I will be posting many Bible Tidbits hoping that we will all grow closer to God and His beautiful Word.