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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Christ: The Theme of the Old Testament

You might wonder where I find all these bible tidbits. Well, I get them from reading, listening to the radio, speaking with others, but mostly from listening to CD’s of talks. Usually the talks are well prepared, clear, educational, and inside of that something jumps out and catches my attention. I think it is important to take those things and pass them on to others to attract them closer to our faith.

The tapes I listen to come from surprisingly few suppliers. St. Joseph Communications has a huge selection, Catholic Productions has some excellent material. John Matrignoni has a great selection and Catholic Answers as well.

Today, I’m using material from Sr. Rosalind Moss, who is a Jewish convert to Catholicism. She has a wonderful CD set, “The Jewish Roots of our Catholic Faith” produced by Catholic Answers.

She says that Christ is the theme of every book of the Old Testament because, ultimately, HE is the author and subject of each book. I must note that I modified it ever so slightly.

IN Genesis, Jesus is the Seed of the woman
- He is the Ark of Salvation
- He is Isaac, the Son of the Mighty Father Abram who is to be sacrificed on Mount Moriah
- He is Joseph, sold into slavery by his brothers for the salvation of the world.
IN Exodus - He is the Paschal lamb
IN Leviticus - He is our High Priest and our sacrifice
IN Numbers - He is the Rock in the wilderness which was struck and water poured fourth.
IN Deuteronomy - He is The Prophet like Moses
IN Joshua - He is the one who leads us into the promised land
IN Judges - He is the judge that is raised up to defeat the enemies of the people of God
IN Ruth - He is our Kinsman Redeemer
IN 1 Samuel - He is the God that is rejected as King yet is still faithful to his people
IN 2 Samuel - He is the descendant of David who will sit on his Kingly throne for ever and ever
IN 1 Kings - He is the Wise King that attracts the Gentiles to the true God
IN 2 Kings - Jesus is the prophet calling all to repent
IN 1 Chronicles - He is the Priest King of Jerusalem
IN 2 Chronicles - He is the temple builder
IN Ezra - He restores the Laws of God
IN Nehemiah - He is the rebuilder of our souls.
IN Tobit - Jesus has broken the power of evil over his bride, the Church
IN Judith - He put to death the enemy of His people
IN Esther - He is an advocate like Mordecai
IN Job - He is our Dayspring and our Risen Returning Redeemer
IN Psalms - He is the Good Shepherd
IN Proverbs - He is our Wisdom
IN Ecclesiastes - He is the one to whom our spirit returns when this life is through
IN Song of Solomon - He is the Bridegroom
IN Wisdom - He is the wisdom for the nations
IN Sirach - He is the uncreated wisdom who planted the moral law in our heart
IN Isaiah - He is the Prince of Peace
IN Jeremiah - He is Our Righteousness
IN Lamentations - He is the Man of Sorrows
IN Baruch - He is our Happiness
IN Ezekiel - It is His glory the fills the heavenly temple
IN Daniel - He is the fourth man in the fiery furnace
IN Hosea - He is our Faithful husband
IN Joel - He is the Baptizer with the Spirit
IN Amos - He is our burden barer
IN Obadiah - He is our Savior
IN Jonah - He is the prophet to the nations
IN Micah - He is the messenger with the beautiful feet
IN Nahum - He is the avenger
IN Habakkuk - Jesus is the evangelist pleading for revival
IN Zephaniah - He is the Merciful Christ
IN Haggai - He is the restorer of the lost heritage
IN Zechariah - He is the fountain for sin and cleansing
IN Malachi - He is the Son of Righteousness with Healing in His Wings
IN the books of the Maccabees - He is the purifier, the resurrection, and the life for all who have fallen asleep in Godliness.

I had actually found a few lists like this on the internet, but tried to make this one unique.

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