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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dan's Top 10 Bible Tidbits in a Minute

Genesis chapter 1 was tells us that when God created the heavens and the earth that the earth was formless and void.
God takes the first three days to give the earth form.
First by making day and night
Second by making the water and the sky.
and Third by making dry land appear.
Next God fills the void with rulers over these three forms.
On the 4th day he makes the sun, moon, and stars to rule the day and night.
on the 5th days he fills the water with fish and the sky with birds
On the 6th day he fills the land with animals and then finally land.

In Genesis Chapter 15 God comes to Abraham and tells him that his reward will be great for his faithfulness. Abraham reminds God that he has no children. God brings Abraham outside and says - Look to heaven and number the stars if you can - this is how many your descendants will be.
What is interesting about this story is that if you drop down to verse 17 it says - when the sun had gone down…suggesting that the previous conversation took place during the day when the stars were not out to be numbered, yet Abraham still believed God. This is a man of great faith looking into the blue sky, knowing that stars are present but they just can't be seen. So he also believes God when God says that he will have descendants that number as the stars.

The name Joshua is the Hebrew form of the name Jesus. And just as Joshua in the OT led the Israelites from wandering through the Jordan into the promised land; Jesus through the waters of Baptism leads us into the heavenly promised land.

The number 666 is used in reference to two people in the Bible; once in the Book of Revelation and once concerning how much Solomon had taxed the people and had really fallen from grace and had become a type of antichrist.

Jonah (you know the guy in the fish story) went to the city of Jappa when fleeing the Lord's command for him to call the Gentile city of Ninevah to repent. After being spit up by the great fish he found himself once again at Jappa and did finally go to the tell the those Ninevites to repent.
Now Peter in the New testament was called by Jesus "the son of Jonah" also found himself at the port city of Jappa when he was commanded by the Lord to receive the first Gentile convert Cornelius into the Church.

We all know the story after the resurrection in the Gospel of John Chapter 21 how Jesus had made a charcoal fire and asked Peter 3 times if he loved him. Peter responded in the affirmative. Now we can guess why Jesus asked three times, because Peter had denied Jesus three times. If we look closely at Peter's denial of Jesus we see another important detail. Peter denied Jesus while warming his hands over a charcoal fire. Jesus now recreates the situation as an opportunity for reconciliation.

At the end of Mark Chapter 1 we hear the story of how Jesus healed the man with leprosy.
This story is a summery of the whole Gospel. There is a man who is sick who can not go into cities because of his sickness and must remain in the wilderness. Jesus who had only been going to cities now meets the man in the wilderness and cures his sickness but it is Jesus who can no longer go into the city. Jesus cures the man of his infirmity but takes on himself the effects of the infirmity, namely not being able to go into cities. The same thing happens with sin. Jesus cures us of our sins but takes on the effects of the sin through being put to death.

In Leviticus 21:10 it says that the high priest is not allowed to tear his garments. (You know in the OT whenever they heard band news they were always tearing their garments and putting dirt on their head)
Well, while Jesus was on trial before the High Priest Caiphas, Jesus admits that he is the Christ and Caiphas the high priest tears his own robes breaking the law in Leviticus 21. But notice something else - in John 19:23 when they are dividing Jesus’ garments (which was a seamless garment, what a priest would where when offering sacrifice). Instead of tearing them they decide to draw lots for them, and his cloths do not get torn showing that Jesus is the new High Priest.

The Good Samaritan - a spiritual interpretation.
The man is Adam leaving the city of God (Jerusalem) and going to the city of man (Jericho). He is attacked by the devil. Neither the natural priesthood before Moses nor the Levitical priesthood of the law can help man. Christ is the good Samaritan who anointed him with the sacraments represented by oil and wine. He then places him in the church and gives charge of him to the pope and promises a return.

In John 6:51 we hear Jesus - I am the living bread which came down from heaven; if any one eats of this bread, he will live for ever. Notice he says - eats ..will live forever.
These words are used in only one other verse in the Bible. Genesis 3:22 - Then the LORD God said, "Behold, the man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil; and now, lest he put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever." Jesus, who died on a tree (acts 5:30), continues to say in the discourse that we are to eat his resurrected flesh and blood for eternal life. The cross is the new tree of life and Jesus is the fruit of the tree.


Larry said...

That is Amazing! I have heard some of that from you already but the new stuff is fabulos. The scripture never fails to amaze me.

Father Schnippel said...

I used point #3 in my next Telegraph article, appearing in next week's edition.

David Charkowsky said...


Erin Garlock said...

Re #9:
Gen 15:1 - After this, the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision.

The initial conversation happens in the vision. If it's a vision, anything is possible.

If you assume the vision has ended at some point before Gen 16, then you have to assume Abraham wakes from his vision and sets to collecting the animals for the sacrifice. It would take time to go round up all those animals, prepare them, and offer the sacrifice. Evening once again falling after the sacrifice would be perfectly normal.

Re #3:
Reading further on you read that "Neither shall he go out of the sanctuary". So if the priest may take a wife (and have relations with her), how is he to do this with out leaving the santuary (especially with the garments on), particularly since his wife would not be allowed in?

Rereading Lev 21:10, we see that the priest must first be be (re)consecrated with oil before putting on the garments. Thus, Caiphas must be allowed to leave the sanctuary when not performing his duties, and must take off the garments first. Therefore, he would have rent his regular clothing, which would have been permissible.

I would however agree with your last sentence "showing that Jesus is the new High Priest".

Anonymous said...

#10 - Genesis isn't a science textbook

#2 - Adam didn't come from Heaven. Only Jesus, the New Adam, came from Heaven.

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful insights but man, you need a spelling and grammar checker.

Anonymous said...

This was simply beautiful.....

I do not understand why some feel the need to criticize, argue and debate their opinions and comments in such a negative way. We all have our opinions and interpretations of the writings in the bible and we all should share them, but I just wish it could be done in a more positive and respectful way.

Peace and light to all

Father Schnippel said...

Anon 4:22-

I agree!

Erin Garlock-

The High Priest would bathe, on Yom Kippur, in the middle of the sanctuary with a sheet held between him and the gathered throng so that they could see he was purified through washing. Then he would be anointed with oil and have the tunic placed upon him.

Anonymous said...

Little details and connections like this suggest that the Bible is a work of fiction.

A mind-bogglingly complex, multi-layered, almost miraculously constructed work of fiction.

Ya think? ;-)

Tap said...

Interesting take on some passages, however:
please read #10 again.
You said the 3rd day was land..
so it couldn't have been the 6th day too; please proof read.

Re: #9 you never seen a star in the sky in the daytime? The sun is a star depending on the time of day you can see the moon and stars, most people are too busy looking at the earth or their feet, or their computer but if you look you will see them.

luzvimindarp said...

Hi Dan, I will share a vision with you it refers to #1. In my vision i saw the chalice and a very clear words "Pray for the Priest". That is Jesus call to all believers. I thanked God because He revealed to me that His living covenant here on earth are His Holy Priesthood, because the Priest, for me, offered their life and blood to the service of the Lord. Thanks be to God. God Bless and more power in Christ.

Daniel Egan said...

WoW! This is alot of comments!

In my defense, my grammar and spell checker went to bed a few hours before I had posted the blog. I am sorry, it will probably happen again. Maybe in further posts I can respond to some of the objections posted here.

Thank you all for reading my blog, and may God bless you.


√Čamonn said...

A slights elaboration on the Good Samaritan interpretataion: wine for penance - after all it stings but oil stands for grace - it soothes and is gentler!

Anonymous said...

In Leviticus 21:10 it says that the high priest is not allowed to tear his garments. (You know in the OT whenever they heard band news they were always tearing their garments and putting dirt on their head)

xD so funny! I have noticed myself as well that there are quite a few "garment tearings" in the OT. Maybe they had a lot of clothes back then and it was a trend to tear your garments like some of us do with our jeans...